Recording Studio

Mount Vernon Recording Studio

The George Washington University Recording studio is a professional, versatile, audio production studio located in West Hall on The Mount Vernon Campus. With a comfortable control room, large live room, impressive microphone selection, Pro Tools HD 8 system and top quality audio processing equipment, the MVC Recording Studio meets the needs of any artist or band in every musical genre. It is student run and it is free for currently enrolled George Washington University Students.


Hours of Operation:

*The Recording Studio is inoperable for the remainder of the summer. Sessions will start up again in the Fall semester. 


*Recording Studio Requests must be submittied at least (3) business days prior to requested session.

*Users of the studio are allowed only one session per week.



Equipment List

System/Recording Platform :

Mac Pro (Specs available upon request. Very new and stable machine.)

·         ProTools HD 8 with TDM processing

·         (2) 192 HD audio converters – Simultaneous 16 inputs and 16 outputs

·         Waves Plugins (Platinum Bundle), Massey Plugins, and Avid Plugins

Preamps/Outboard Gear:

·         Solid State Logic “XLogic Alpha VHD” (8)

·         Presonus Digimax (8)

·         Presonus Blue Tube (2)

·         Presonus ACP88 (8 channel compressor/gate)

·         Rane PEQ 55 (2 channel parametric equalizer)


 KRK Rokit 5’s (2)

·         Wharfdale 5’s (4)

·         Sennheiser Headphones (6)

·         Mackie Big Knob monitoring manager

o1 Headphone discreet mix

oLive room Playback and monitoring

oPresonus Headphone amplifier



o   AKG D112 (1)

o   Audix i5 (1)

o   Audix D6 (1)

o   Sennheiser MD421 (1)

o   Sennheiser MD441 (1)

o   Sennheiser e906 (1)

o   Shure Beta 56 (4)

o   Shure SM57 (5)


o   Neumann TLM 102 (1)

o   AKG c414 (1)

o   AKG c214 (Matched Pair!)

o   AKG c480 (1)

o   Shure SM81 (2)


·         Tama StarClassic 5 Piece Drum Kit

·         Mesa Boogie Express combo 5:50 Watt

·         Fender Twin Reverb

·         Galien Kruger combo bass amp

·         Kurzweil 88 weighted Key keyboard and midi controller



Haile Supreme Project


Tycho Brahé

Tycho Brahe album cover

holychild music!

Check out holychild's debut music video entitled, "Watching, Waiting" written by Louie Diller & Liz Nistico, recorded at the MV West Hall Recording Studio!