Recording Studio

Mount Vernon Recording Studio

The George Washington University Recording studio offers a state of the art recording experience for musicians in all ranges of music. Equipped with a sound proof live room and control room. The studio run on Pro Tools HD8 which includes an arsenal of plug-ins to help you get exactly the sound that you are looking for.

The Recording Studio has the following gear:

  • Full Drum set
  • 2 tube guitar amps
  • 1 Bass amp
  • Electronic keyboard
  • Spring, Condenser, and Dynamic microphones include the brands:
  • AKG, Neumann, SM57s, Shure, and AudioTechnica.

The ample space of the studio can accomodate to any style of recording whether you want to do room recordings, overdubs, or production inside the control room.


Haile Supreme Project


Tycho Brahé

Tycho Brahe album cover

holychild music!

Check out holychild's debut music video entitled, "Watching, Waiting" written by Louie Diller & Liz Nistico, recorded at the MV West Hall Recording Studio!