Host an Event

If you’d like to host an event on Mount Vernon Campus, please submit a request to book the space that best fits your needs. Contact us if you're unsure about which event space will be best for your event and would like our assistance.

Weddings are priced differently than all other events. Please contact us to schedule a consultation and determine your needs.

Modify an Existing Event Reservation

If you’ve already submitted a request to book one of our event spaces, but need to modify your information, please submit your changes.

Cancel an Event Reservation

Please submit a cancellation request to cancel an existing event reservation.


We offer a variety of catering options, including exclusive catering through Restaurant Associates and suggestions for catering that you can arrange on your own.

Summer Conferences 

Review our services for summer conferences to determine if the Mount Vernon campus can meet your groups’ needs.

Student Organization Events

If you’re a student and would like to host an event for your student organization event, please submit a request to reserve space on Mount Vernon Campus.


Event Policies

Event Scheduling

Requests for use of our event space must be made at least three business days prior to your scheduled event. Requests for events planned to occur in our larger spaces, such as Hand Chapel, Post Hall, Blackbox Theatre and West Hall B108, must be made at least five business days prior to your scheduled event.

Failure to submit your request according to these timelines will result in a $150.00 late charge fee.


Modifying an Event

If you’ve already submitted a request to book one of our event spaces, but need to modify your information, please submit your changes to us.

We will make every attempt to accommodate last minute requests that are received within two full business days prior to your event.

Requests that are made following this time may be difficult to accommodate and will result in a $50.00 setup adjustment charge.


If for some reason your group is not able to follow through with your scheduled reservation, we must receive a cancellation request no less than five business days before the start of your scheduled event.

If you’re required to pay a fee to use our event spaces, you will be charged 75% of your balance.

Conditions of Use

If a scheduled space is left excessively dirty or otherwise damaged following your organization's use of it, we reserve the right to charge your organization an excessive housekeeping fee a minimum of $200 in addition to hindering your organization’s future use of space at the Mount Vernon campus.

Please make sure that at the conclusion of your event, all trash is placed in the trashcans that we provide and any leftover food items are properly disposed of or taken with you.

Indoor and Outdoor Movies

We do not allow movies rated R or beyond to be shown outdoors on the Mount Vernon campus. Due to the nature of outdoor movies, the GW Police Department charges will be automatically added to your confirmation.  

You must purchase the rights to whatever film is being shown to a public audience outside or inside on Mount Vernon Campus.

Open Flames and Grills

We do not allow open flames in any of our meeting spaces. Evidence of spilled wax will be subject to a minimum $500 fee.

Personal grills are not allowed at any events on Mount Vernon Campus. If you’d like to use an approved grill, please include it with your event request.

Advertising Your Event

Mount Vernon Campus offers the GW community excellent ways to advertise programs, announcements and events.

With hundreds of students living on campus and thousands more visiting for classes, athletic programs and unique events Mount Vernon is the ideal place to promote your message.

Events taking place on the Foggy Bottom campus can also be promoted on Mount Vernon Campus. For more information about advertising, please contact us.

Posting Flyers

To post flyers on Mount Vernon Campus bulletin boards, including residence halls, bring 15 copies of the flyer or poster to our office located in the Webb Building.

All posters must have a GW logo, contact information for the sponsoring organization, have approved content and must be coordinated through us. They may not be printed on 8.5 x 11 orange paper as that format is reserved for UPD emergency announcements.


Any signage that you intend to hang on campus, including both promotional items and directional signage on the day of your event (indoors or outdoors) must be cleared by our office. No posting is allowed without having been previously cleared us.

Digital Signage

In West Hall, we offer two digital signage screens that can advertise an upcoming event or activity happening on either Foggy Bottom or Mount Vernon campus.

Similar to our posting policy, the advertisement must have a GW logo and contact information for the sponsoring organization.

Because of the formatting of the screen, we require a horizontal version of your poster in high resolution. For more information, please contact us.



Any events held on the Mount Vernon campus where alcohol is being served must be registered through our team. All alcohol must be served through a licensed third party.